Real Estate

Our firm accompanies and advises its clients for all their real estate transactions. Our team has the experience necessary to prepare all documents related to the construction, acquisition and transfer of real estate properties, both residential and commercial.

Prior to any of these operations, we study and analyze the title deeds to give our customers an informed opinion as to the quality of the title.

We enable creditors to efficiently execute their securities through the use of appropriate legal remedies:

  • Taking possession for purposes of administration;
  • Taking in payment;
  • Sale by judicial authority by agreement, call for tenders or public auction;
  • Sale by the creditor.

In case of failure of a party to fulfill its obligations according to a promise to purchase agreement, we represent the interests of our clients wishing to obtain the title or the annulment of the promise.

When a conflict arises between co-owners, we regularly represent the interests of clients wanting to terminate the co-ownership and partition the property.

When a dispute arises between a vendor and a purchaser, we assist clients to enforce the terms of the contract, including the statutory warranty if any.