The Firm

For more than twenty years, the lawyers of the firm Lapointe Beaulieu have worked to build and maintain the confidence of their clients by providing them the high quality services they would expect.

It is our intellectual rigor and our ability to assess, pursue and deliver results in the best interests of our clients that has earned us our solid reputation in the Outaouais area. Each lawyer in this firm has made their mark in their chosen fields of practice.

When any client has reached the stage where they need a lawyer, our firm will make it a point of honour to provide the same high level of service to them, whether they are a large or a small corporation, a public entity or an individual.

Those who choose our firm founded by Marc Lapointe and Marie-Josee Beaulieu know that they can count on our judgment, our professionalism and the fact that we will do all in our power to act in their best interests.