In Quebec, a public compensation system protects victims of automobile accidents. The compensation system is managed by the Societe d’assurance-automobile du Québec (SAAQ).

The treatment of claims is often complex and can be very stressful to someone already weakened by the physical and mental consequences of an accident.

Whether it's assistance to understand the rights under the law or get the necessary support in case of a dispute where the injured person disagrees with a decision of the SAAQ, our firm has the expertise to provide any assistance required.

Our areas of intervention include:

  • General assistance about the rights and obligations towards the SAAQ;
  • Litigation following a decision regarding:
    • - compensation for loss of enjoyment of life, pain, mental suffering
    • - denial of a claim
    • - denial of the relationship between an accident and a medical condition
    • - home assistance
    • - income replacement benefits
  • Arranging for medical expertise
  • Addressing reviews before the Direction de la révision (SAAQ) and
    the Tribunal administratif du Québec (TAQ)