In any construction project, whether residential, commercial or institutional, risks are inevitable. Our firm can advise you during all phases of a project and not only when things go sour. We can help you negotiate, assess risks and draft contracts.

Our services also include:

  • Written declaration of contracts for subcontractors;
  • Drafting and registration of legal mortgages;
  • Securing collateral securities and guarantees;

When litigation is unavoidable, we leverage our expertise to protect the interests
of our clients using the full breadth of legal remedies:

  • Execution of collateral securities and guarantees;
  • Registration of a prior notice of the exercise of a hypothecary right;
  • Claims regarding extras, deadlines, professional liability, environmental
    issues, etc.

Recognizing the specificity of the Outaouais area, our firm assist Ontario qualified construction workers and entrepreneurs to obtain equivalent licenses in Quebec.